Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all. Our advice is completely free and does not cost you. We will however be paid a commission by the insurer – we will mention the details with you when discussing your policies.

Yes. We are all busy and we know some people don’t have time to think about insurance during the week – that is why we are also available during the weekends if required.

Yes. We offer face to face appointments both at our office and at your home if that is what you prefer!

We want to help you at every stage, from application to the claim if required – please let us know as soon as you think you may have a claim, we can help you check policy details and contact the insurer to start the whole process.

We live in a digital world now. Everything can be arranged online, even insurance. But would you risk such an important decision about yours and your family’s financial future, pursuing the cheapest alternatives? By using a broker you can be sure that you will choose the best available protection for you and your family.

Yes. You can do that at any time, and with most policies, if you cancel within 30-day cooling-off period you will get your premiums back. You can also cancel after that time but you won’t get back what you have paid so far. But please think about it – you have chosen your cover for a reason and it may be difficult to arrange it again on the same terms later in the future!

Some, but not all providers will allow that so it is best to check the policy details.


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