Private Medical Insurance

Access to the best medical treatment when you need it most 

What is private medical insurance?

Private medical insurance, also known as health insurance, is an insurance policy designed to cover the cost of private medical treatment, from diagnosis to treatment.

Private medical insurance allows you quick access to specialists, consultants, drugs, and treatments when and where you need them most and gives you the reassurance that if you were to fall unexpectedly ill, you would be fully supported during your recovery.


How does private medical insurance work?

Private medical insurance is designed to complement NHS care and has many different levels of policies, from basic through to comprehensive. Each policy offers a variety of covers, depending on your budget and requirements.

At the very basic, most private medical insurance policies will cover any in-patient treatment you may need, such as surgery, and the cost of your hospital stay, although they usually will not cover you for pre-existing or chronic conditions including diabetes and arthritis.

For more comprehensive cover, you can also choose to include out-patient cover for visits to specialists and consultants and any add-ons such as mental health support, dental care, and pregnancy or maternity services.

Once you have chosen your private medical insurance policy, you will then pay a monthly subscription that covers some, if not all, of the cost of treatment for conditions that develop after your health insurance policy begins.

Typically, the price of your private medical insurance cover will depend on your age, occupation, where you live, and if you smoke. Indeed, once you have acquired private medical insurance, you will then be able to receive quick and convenient treatment, as well as have your choice of hospital, if you fall ill.


Do I need private medical insurance?

Private medical insurance gives you quick access to medical treatment, including access to drugs, consultants, tests, and treatment, when you need it most. This could be especially helpful if you were to need fast-track diagnostics for cancer or access to different cancer treatments not currently available on the NHS.

Private medical insurance also gives you more control over which hospital you are treated at and gives you the option to be treated at a private hospital. Private hospitals are typically much more comfortable and include amenities such as private en-suite rooms and TVs.

Private medical insurance also often allows you to choose when and where you are treated. This can be especially convenient if you are self-employed or have a job that requires careful planning.

Indeed, private medical insurance is also useful if you are an athlete or play sports, as it can give you quick access to physiotherapy and specialist surgery for a sports-related injury that the NHS may not cover.


If you are interested in private medical insurance or are still unsure if it is necessary for your particular circumstances, please contact us today to speak to an advisor and discuss your requirements.


Alternatively, we also offer other types of insurance that can offer you peace of mind including Critical Illness Insurance and Accident and Sickness Insurance.

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